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So, what can I photograph for you?

Descriptions of PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES are below.

Review SAMPLE PHOTOS GALLERIES for respective photography services.


For all hiring inquiries, please CONNECT with a general description of the nature of your photographic needs and goals. Your email will be answered within 24 hours, if not minutes.


In the meantime, learn more about me on my ESAOP page. What's that, you ask? Well, click on it to find out. For bio information, see ABOUT.


I also love showing off my photography and telling the stories behind my work. Check out the SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS page for a list of exciting, intriguing, informative and fun presentations.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you --

jono David

jono David



Review SAMPLE PHOTOS GALLERIES for respective photography services.


Events (private or public events of any kind, informal or formal):

There is nothing I enjoy more as a photographer than capturing people having the time of their lives celebrating with family, friends, or colleagues. Whether your event is an informal birthday or a formal corporate affair, leave the photo work to me while you just go and enjoy yourself. Minimum 2-hours of unlimited photography. View sample work and then START THE PARTY!



Portraits by definition are images of people (or animals) in any style or format taken in a formal studio or lounging on the grass in the park. There is no subject matter more appealing nor intimate to photograph than human beings with the specific aim of capturing a certain essence of their being. My approach is informal and organic, meaning, I aim to portray people as they are seen in their surroundings with an emphasis on natural light (I use flash sparingly). I love shoots in various environs, inside or out, and at different times of day. Solo, two-shot, family, friends — for personal use or corporate.  View sample work and then SAY CHEESE!



Nude photography is the most challenging yet potentially the most rewarding portraiture you will do. Nudes are generally not for sharing, so why take them? Because you are beautiful. You are unique. You are conscious of your own form. Preserve it. Take nudes at various but regular intervals throughout your life. Observe your growth and changes, and confront yourself like you have never done so before. No one but you has to see them. Nude photography takes you on a very personal and heightened journey of self-awareness. Nudes are not about “being naked” or “exposing” yourself. In fact, nudes taken well result in very much the opposite. Nudes need not reveal your intimate body parts. Posing and positioning your body in particular ways and light can uncover shapes and textures that often result in captivating photographs — some that may not even be recognizable as the human form. For your comfort and peace of mind, have a friend or family member in attendance (in the next room, perhaps) — in fact, I insist upon it. Full discretion is particularly exercised for these shoots. From 1 hour (minimum) to 3 hours (maximum) per shoot. View sample work and then THE BIG REVEAL!



I have traveled to 145 countries and experienced countless “trips of a lifetime”. As a freelance photographer and writer, I have published more than 100 travel articles (with accompanying photographs). My photographs have also been published in 16 books. I know travel photography! If you are a writer in need of a photographer, a photo editor, or magazine in need of travel pics anywhere in the world, my bag is already packed! View sample work and then LET’S GO!


Holiday Photographer Experience (solo, family, friends, engagements, corporate retreats, etc)

Tired of taking selfies? As your personal holiday photographer, I’ll focus on you while you zoom in on having a great time! I will photograph you and/or your companions in ways that capture you in the moment. My unobtrusive lens will freeze-frame keepsake moments from a unique perspective that will last a lifetime. But that’s not all. I will suggest ideal settings and locations for your shoot. For the time we spend together, I will be your local guide and translator (English-Japanese). I offer services from 1 hour (minimum) to one day (8 hours) to multi-days or until whenever you say stop! View sample work and then  YOUR HOLIDAY STARTS HERE!


Gigs and Concerts/Recording Studio/Artist Portraits

I love shooting live music because I groove off the energy and joy of the artists and audiences. Whether you are a solo artist or a band, I will make you a star. I offer services for select gigs/concerts or full tours. I love behind-the-scenes work too, observing artists creating the magic in the recording studio. And don’t forget about promotional pics! I can do it all. View sample work and then LET’S ROCK!



Selling your home, marketing a property, owner of a business such as a hotel, office, or a restaurant? Attractive, clean, brightly lit photographs are essential for reeling in prospective customers and clients. Images, not catchy headlines, are the initial hook! They are also valuable marketing tools because people will share them on review websites and social media, driving more business your way. I offer photo packages from a minimum 2 hours until the job is done, be it one or multi days. View sample work and then CONNECT.


General commissions, short or long-term projects, collaborations 

As a documentarian photographer, I know what it takes to get a project off the ground and brought to fruition. Passion, commitment, and organization are three essentials for such work, and all of those points are fundamental to my work ethic. I am available for jobs that fall outside the aforementioned photographic categories. Please START THE CONVERSATION with a description of your project, photographic goals, and anticipated timeline.


Photo Editing

No time, skills or patience for photo editing? I can help you with that. Let me transform and enhance your images for maximum impact and enjoyment. If you shoot RAW but are not quite sure how to use post-production software or just don’t want to do it yourself, send me your files and let me do the job for you. Data can easily be transferred free via WeTransfer. I will get your precious memories or business images back to you within 1-3 business days. Each image will be individually edited (no batch processing). For optimum editing results, please provide original full-resolution RAW files. JPEGs and reduced quality images are acceptable but cannot be guaranteed to yield "best" editing results. Rate: £0.75/image (minimum charge: £10.00). In a hurry? I offer an expedited one-business-day guaranteed service for an additional £10.00 (up to 100 images). FREE TRIAL: One fully processed image (note: trial image will be watermarked). View sample work and then EDIT MY PHOTOS!


Learn Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a powerful yet simpler photo editing tool than Adobe Photoshop. It is ideal for anyone wanting to boost their images. To get the most out of your photographs, post-shoot editing is essential. And, no, it is not “cheating” — it is enhancing, fixing, correcting. All professional photographers post-edit their images to tease out the magic. You should too. Why? Because you love photography, and you want to preserve your memories in an optimum manner. Taking time to edit your images will also make you a better photographer as you learn to understand what Lightroom can do for you. Spending time with your photographs will teach you an important lesson: Less is more. You will gain an appreciation for fewer great, impactful images than an overflow of uninspired pics that you will rarely, if ever, fully appreciate. Lightroom will also help you organize your photo stockpile. Whether you are looking for a full step-by-step Lightroom course or a handful of lessons to either get you started or top you up, I would be excited to teach you Lightroom skills that will change your photo world. Online, anywhere 30 or 60-minute lessons via Skype. One-off or irregular consultations are also available. FREE NO-OBLIGATION DEMONSTRATION: 15-minute demonstration/consultation — you send me a photo (RAW file recommended), and I show you how I process the image. NOTE: Lightroom is not suitable for graphics editing. LET THE MAGIC BEGIN.


Photography Lessons and Consultations
Are you new to photography or a mid-level photographer dreaming of stepping up your photo game? Do you ever think, “I just wish there was someone I could ask some questions to about my camera” or “I don’t want to commit to a photography course, but if only I could find someone to consult with once — or on an irregular basis — to help me out.” I can help you with that. Whether you have a list of questions you want answered about photography in general or specifically or are seeking some general photography instruction, I offer services to suit your needs that will help you attain your goals. All services are offered online via Skype and can be set for 30 or 60-minute sessions just once, weekly, or something more involved. CLICK TO CONSULT.



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