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Thank you so much for the amazing photos! They're great. We will indeed tell our musical friends.

— Bird in the Belly (band)


Thanks so much for these [photographs]. They're great!

— Kid Cupid (band)


Thanks a lot for the pics. They are amazing. Really nice to meet you.

— Ded Rabbit (band)


These pics look great! It was lovely to meet you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

— Management, Stick in the Wheel (band)


We all loved the pics. Thank you!

— LEWiSBURG (band)


Just had a look through the photos. They look incredible, amazing with the tricky light! Thank you so much for coming to shoot these. 

— Tim De Graaw (guitarist)


These photos are fantastic - thanks so much. We shall definitely keep you in mind for the future.

I will post our favourites on socials soon and give you a credit. Many thanks!

— Worry Dolls (band)


We loved the pics! Nice job!

— Coralcrown (band)


Yes, Jono! These [photos] are fantastic! Thanks again for coming down. We’ll hit you up when we’re back in London!

— Loose Tooth (band)


These photos are awesome! Very nice work. Hopefully, we can work with you again in the future.

— Strauss (band)


Thank you so much for the pics. They all look amazing!

— TrYangle (band)


Thanks for taking and sending those sweet pictures; your style is real cool man. Thanks again.

— The Youts (band)


All the photos look awesome! Thank you very much!

Concrete Age (band)


They're great pics, man. We're well-chuffed. Highly recommend [Jono] to any band!!

Rat Face Lewey (band)


Really great photos, man. Appreciate it. Your photography is outstanding.

— Revolvers (band)


Hi, I just wanted to say, as a fellow photographer who's been trying to learn a lot about music photography this year, I love your work, and I'm seeing a lot of care and thought in it. It's something to aspire to and enjoy looking at. Keep it up! 

— Facebook follower


Those photos look fantastic, man! Thank you again so much for coming down and shooting for us. Really appreciate it. 

— Deflectors (band)


These [photos] are great. Thank you very much and lovely to meet you. 

— Nigel Thomas (band)


You know you were amazing on Saturday?! Unobtrusive, polite and smiling all night!
— Paul (private client), on photographing a family celebration

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