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You in Black and White


To be naked is to be oneself...Nudity is a form of dress.

-- John Berger, Ways of Seeing







BlackandWhiteYou® is for clients who want photographs that capture and unveil the intimate essence of their complex being concealed within the shading and shadows of black and white photography. These aims make BlackandWhiteYou® the most challenging, the most personal, the most revealing, the most meaningful, the most rewarding photo shoot you will ever do.

BlackandWhiteYou® is a photographic journey of the body and of the soul. BlackandWhiteYou® is for clients who want to challenge self-image by exploring and exploiting their physical, ethereal, and unseen self. BlackandWhiteYou® often provokes inner conflict and discomfort en route to an inner harmony and a celebration of one's uniqueness revealed and harnessed in the resulting images.


BlackandWhiteYou® images are not snapshots of life moments. Rather, these black and white images are capsules of one's entire existence. Your body, your skin, your image, your mind, your soul are vehicles that convey you through life. BlackandWhiteYou® preserves your beautiful being in time and in space in perpetuity.

What matters to me is not the photograph's "life" ... but the certainty that the

photographed body touches me with its own rays and not with superadded light.

-- Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

BlackandWhiteYou® came into being in November 2008 as an extension of an earlier project called BodyWorks®, a photographic and rhapsodic celebration of the human body featuring black and white images of the human form with the accompaniment of poetry.

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